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Hello Kitty Dancing Sampler

Hello Kitty Dancing Sampler

  • Category: Music
  • Category2: Entertainment
  • Released: 2009-10-2
  • Version: 1.0
  • Copyright:

    Copyright (c) 1976, 2009 SANRIO CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
    Copyright (c) 2006, 2009 AITIA Corporation All Rights Reserved.

  • Price: 2.99$
  • Device: iPhone
  • Device(min-OS): iPhone 2.2.1
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Application Description

Hello Kitty breakdancing to hip-hop beats!
Hello Kitty doing the robot to techno tracks!
The ‘Hello Kitty Dancing Sampler’ is a toy sampler the lets you make Hello Kitty dance to songs you make. Making songs is simple - all you need to do is record vocals and some sounds! Hello Kitty’s dance choreography will then change to match your sample. Once you’ve completed your original song make sure to save it so you can load and play it whenever you want! Use speakers to get everyone in on the fun, or headphones for your own personal enjoyment.

>>Making songs is super easy!

Choose your favorite of one of four types of backing tracks from hip-hop, house, reggae, or techno to make a loop (hip-hop is the default upon starting). Then, tap the record button to sample anything from your own voice, handclaps, or even your pets to make original sound loops. Sound Direction by Kan Takagi

>>Choose Hello Kitty’s outfit and dance!

You can pick one of four different outfits and dance styles for Hello Kitty from hip-hop, house, reggae, and techno (hip-hop is the default upon starting). The choreography of each dance style will then adjust to fit your samples. Art Direction by easeback

Hello Kitty Dancing Sampler features:

  • Sample recording, loop playback and clear functions
  • Save and load up to 4 songs (loops)
  • 4 styles of backing tracks: hip-hop, house, reggae, and techno
  • 4 outfits and dance styles for Hello Kitty: hip-hop, house, reggae, and techno
  • Over 20 different dance animations
  • Works either with or without headphones so you can play alone or with friends
*Note When recording without headphones please lower speaker volume beforehand.

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